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Student Resources

The library is open from 7:30 until 4:00 daily. The collection supports the curriculum, and includes books, periodicals and subscription reference databases. Test preparation and career information materials are also available, as well as copies of each textbook (for in-library use). New fiction titles, subscriptions to four daily newspapers, and over 50 general interest magazines are available to students and staff. There are 13 computers in the main library area for student use, as well as a computer lab (with 35 computers) open when teacher supervision is available. Students are invited to use the library for research, homework and leisure reading during all open hours.

San Marino School Resource Officer
San Marino Unified is fortunate to have a veteran San Marino Police Officer, Patrice Garcia, in a full-time capacity as a School Resource Officer. Her office is located in the Counseling Office area. Students, parents/guardians, and community members in need of information about the school community should contact Officer Garcia at (626) 299-7020 x 866.

College and Career Center
The College and Career Center is located on the west driveway, and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Students have access to current college catalogs, college reference books, scholarship info, summer study opportunities, career information resources, and GIS for college searches. In addition, students meet with representatives from over 85 colleges each fall in small group sessions. Students may also obtain work permits and part-time job information along with information on the Regional Occupational Program (ROP). The center is open for quiet study during lunch.

Entrance Requirements for Colleges and Universities in General
Individual colleges and universities have varied requirements for admission. Early in the high school career a student should obtain catalogs or bulletins from appropriate colleges in which he/she is interested. Regular counseling sessions as well as large group parent meetings are held with the purpose of providing additional information concerning college testing, requirements, and entrance procedures. The student's counselor is an important source for college information.

The superior student who is in need of financial assistance for his/her college career has ample opportunity to apply for many types of scholarship opportunities. These opportunities are regularly announced in the bulletin and are on file in the college/career center. We strongly urge students to make use of this information. Statistics indicate that the student who applies for many scholarships is more likely to receive financial aid than the student who applies for only one or two. In addition, colleges and universities offer their own scholarships and financial aid for which the student can apply. Many non needsbased scholarships also are available.