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San Marino High will provide a safe environment both physically and emotionally for all students and adults.

All members of our educational community will demonstrate respect for each other. Students will respect educators for the effort educators make to help students succeed both in and out of school. Educators will respect each student as a unique individual with unique needs and abilities. Adults will respect one another as professionals and colleagues.

Each member of our educational community will demonstrate a caring attitude towards others. Students will have the confidence that they can approach adults with their questions and concerns, and adults will be receptive to the concerns and interests of students and each other.

All members of our educational community will strive for academic excellence. Each student will do his or her best to learn and grow academically and emotionally. Educators will demonstrate professionalism by striving to be knowledgeable in the latest trends in curriculum, remaining current in instructional strategies and practices, and seeking to create a program that other professionals will wish to emulate.

San Marino High will be a place where all students can successfully pursue a wide variety of interests in order to enhance self-esteem and increase a sense of belonging to our school.

All members of our team will measure our actions, words, and thoughts in terms of whether or not they move us closer to these goals and are in the best interests of students.