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Temporary Custody of Minors

Parents/Guardians must notify the Attendance Office when they are to be out of town for a short period of time.  Parents/Guardians who are out of town for a prolonged period of time must come in with the temporary guardian and fill out a "Temporary Custody of Minor" form, available in the Attendance Office.  This form designates another adult as temporary guardian for the purpose of writing necessary notes or authorizing leaving school due to illness or injury.  Under California law it may be considered child abuse if a minor child is left unsupervised by an adult (W.I.C. 300).


A student may drop a class within the first two weeks of a semester without penalty, but may only add a class within this time if a class is available.  If no class is available, the student will be rescheduled to first or sixth period home study.  A student may drop a class between the 3rd and 5th week of the semester without penalty only if he/she is in the improper class due to lack of ability in subject matter, verified by teacher recommendation to the counselor.  The student may add a class during this time only if a space is available in predetermined classes and with the approval of the teacher.  If a drop is necessary from a class at any time due to behavior difficulties, the student will receive a drop-fail academically as well as in citizenship for that course.  See participation in co-curricular activities, page 27.  


Once students have been placed on a team, they should understand that they are making a commitment to the team for the entire season.  Quitting a team will result in:

An "F" in citizenship for the quarter.

An academic grade dependent upon the circumstances of the drop from the team.  This could result in an "F" grade academically.

Transfer to a zero hour P.E. class, if available.

Forfeiture of any awards/letters.

A student may be prohibited from participating in the same sport the following year.  

Should an athlete fail to abide by team rules, including, but not exclusive to attendance, participation, code of ethics, and sportsmanship, a coach may drop an athlete from the team.  Commitment to an athletic team is stronger than commitment to a club.  A student should not begin an athletic season unless s/he is determined to remain on the team for the entire duration of the season.