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Art Fundamentals

Art Fundamentals

Course Description:
Art Fundamentals is a level one art elective, which lasts one year and is open to all students. It is designed to provide a beginning experience in art, primarily, but not exclusively, two-dimensional. 

Course Content:
This course will explore a variety of mediums including graphite, charcoal, pen/ink, pastel, tempera, watercolor, acrylic, and clay. Emphasis will be on basic art elements and design principles, utilizing essential vocabulary and exploring art history from various perspectives. Current trends including art in science and technology along with art in the potential "job market" will be examined. Potential health hazards in the visual arts will also be covered.

ESLRs Addressed by Curriculum:
  • Critical thinking
  • Post Secondary Preparation
  • Technological Proficiency
Critical Standards:
Artistic Perception
1.2 Describe the principles of design as used in works of art, focusing on dominance and subordination 
1.3 Research and analyze the work of an artist and write about the artist's distinctive style and it contribution to the meaning of the work.

Creative Expression
2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design
2.2 Prepare a portfolio of original two- and three-dimensional works of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills
2.4 Review and refine observational drawing skills

Historical and Cultural Context
3.3 Identify and describe trends in the visual arts and discuss how the issues of time, place, and cultural influence are reflected in selected works of art

Aesthetic Valuing
4.5 Employ the conventions of art criticism in writing and speaking about works of art

Connections, Relationships, Applications
5.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the various skills of an artist, art critic, art historian, art collector, art gallery owner, and aesthetician

Various reading materials will be required and will be available
An Introductory Guide to the Safe Use of Materials
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1981

Prerequisite: None