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Parking at SMHS

How to Obtain A Permit
Parking on campus is limited to students with valid parking permits.  No other students may park cars on campus.  Students who drive to school must register their vehicles in the APO for $30.00.  At that time, a school-parking permit will be issued.  The permit must be visible at all times on the front, driver’s side window shield, of all registered vehicles.  SMPD will cite any vehicle parked on school property without a visible permit.  Driving a motor vehicle on school grounds is a privilege extended by the State of California and endorsed by the school administration.  Those students unable to abide by the state and school rules will be denied the privilege of parking on school property.  Violation of campus driving and parking regulations can result in the LOSS OF CAMPUS DRIVING PRIVILEGES, DETENTION, OR BOTH.  Beginning with the class of 2010, students who have completed service hours will be given first priority for campus parking!

The following rules regarding vehicle usage will be enforced by the school administration.
* PRIOR TO 3:30 P.M. only students with valid permits may park on campus.  Students must park in white spaces only.
* Students are not to park in ANY area of the turning circle beside the gyms or in any yellow or blue spaces.
* Students are NOT to park in the yellow-painted spaces in both the West & East lots reserved for faculty and visitors.

“NO PARKING” areas have also been painted yellow to assist students in identifying such areas.  By Vehicle Code regulations, students know NOT to park in an area where the curb is painted red or otherwise identified as a fire lane.

Students driving vehicles to school are to observe traffic and safety regulations at all times.

Driving speed on campus should not exceed 5 miles per hour.  Speeders may forfeit their parking permit and be cited by San Marino Police (VC 21113).

Any vehicles parked on campus are subject to search by San Marino Unified school officials and by the San Marino Police Department, under the direction of S.M.U.S.D. officials (VC 21113).

Bicycles & Helmets
Bicycles are to be parked and securely LOCKED with a kryptonite lock at the bike rack by the APO, not anywhere else on campus.  Bicycles are NOT to be ridden on campus at any time during the school day (VC 21113), and helmets must be worn when riding bicycles.

Skateboards, Scooters, and Rollerblades
Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades are NOT to be ridden on campus at any time (VC 21113).   This rule is for the safety of people walking in the hallways as well as the person riding the skateboard.  Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades shall be kept in the student's locker, or they may be left in the APO for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Assistant Principal.