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Principal's Message and ASB President's Message

Principal’s Message

San Marino High School maintains a commitment to preparing students to have the knowledge, skills, integrity, and character necessary to become successful and productive people. Students, staff, parents, and the community work together to provide world-class programs that offer opportunities for students to compete at the highest levels in academics and in co-curricular activities in ways that help each student develop to his/her full potential. 

The school board has established a vision that our schools will deliver a world-class education with recognized excellence in academics, arts, and athletics. Involvement in a range of activities is necessary to help you develop the skills that will give you the best chance for success in college and career. Clearly, you will have to work hard in your studies, but academics alone will not help you develop some of the key talents which are necessary to work successfully with others and to develop all of the positive aspects of your character. Involvement in co-curricular activities will help you develop the interpersonal, leadership, time management, and communication skills necessary for success. 

Our continued recognition as one of the finest schools in California, evidenced by our selection again last year as a California Distinguished School, is dependent upon your determination and willingness to actively build on the incredible tradition of success for which the school is known. You can take pride in being part of that tradition. Despite the ongoing success of SHMS, we believe that we can become even better. Achieving this, however, requires you to take an active role in sharing your ideas and being part of a team of students, staff, parents, and community who are dedicated to excellence. 

I urge you to take advantage of all that is available as you participate in SMHS life. I am confident that if you commit yourself to doing so, you will have a great high school experience and be as prepared as possible for what comes your way after graduation. I look forward to sharing the coming school year with you and to helping you achieve your goals. 

Mary Johnson

ASB President’s Message 

Welcome back to San Marino High School! If you are a freshman, welcome to high school! High school is a time to learn, grow, and achieve. We are in a great community and we are surrounded by encouraging and enthusiastic faculty members. Here at SMHS, we have a plethora of sports teams, clubs, and audition groups. From basketball to robotics, the possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid of trying out for a sport or auditioning for the musical. This is your time! Even if it ends up being a disaster, bounce back and give it another shot or maybe try something new. Who knows, you may find your passion. You have the ability to make a difference on this campus. I encourage you all to leave a legacy at SMHS, whether it be by setting a new record in track or by being remembered as the friendliest kid on campus. I encourage you to be proud of this school and always bleed your blue and white. Represent this school proudly as you cheer on our Titans or scream loud for your friends as they take the stage at Dancetra. You are a San Marino Titan. Be proud of it. Expectations are high here and grades are important, but never forget to take a break once in a while and just chill and have fun with your friends. High school is not about drowning yourself in studies, but rather you need to have more of a work hard play hard mentality. To the freshmen- you have much more freedom than in middle school. This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and join clubs. To the sophomores- congrats on moving one step up the food chain. This is the time to start paying a little more attention to grades, but you still have time to experiment with sports and various activities. To the juniors- study up! This year is crucial to colleges, so make sure to stay on top of things, get to know your teachers, and stay organized! To the seniors- I can't believe it is our last year of high school. Like everyone said it would, high school has flown by. This is our last chance to make an impression on this school. College is right around the corner so let us bask in our last bit of adolescence. So, my fellow Titans, I'll leave it at this: set goals for yourself and achieve them, because this is your time and you are only a Titan for four short years. Go out and be Proud to be a Titan!

Emma Tam
 ASB President, 2015-2016