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Student Leadership

Assistant Principal Mr. Mooney
ASB Advisor
Mr. Caire
ASB President Stanley Liu
Vice President Leo Zhu
Secretary Lauren Chan
Treasurer Casey Luu
Activities Eddie Yang
Athletics Kimi Silverstein
ASB & School Relations
Karen Lin
Hospitality Becky Hsu
PTSA, & Safety Tehillah Fouché
School Board Catherine Shelburne
ICC Angie Luong
Publicity Lindsay Wofford
Historian Eddy Huang
Spirit Commissioners Will Barbour
Gaby Pineda
Community Service/Academics Ann Liang
Hubert Wong
Member at Large Christian Beckler
Fundraising Fundraising
Kevin Lin
Senior Class President Caroline Trawick
Junior Class President James Wu
Sophomore Class President Shannon Dang
Freshman Class President Derrick Wang


To keep the SMHS campus attractive and in good repair, SMHS clubs, sports, and departments which choose to publicize their activities by the use of signs, rather than by some other means such as announcements, articles in the Titan Shield, or information posted on the SMHS web site, must limit their signs to 8.5 inch by 11 inch flyers which are posted only on the SMHS bulletin boards.  Posting flyers in any other location, such as fences, handrails, windows, light posts, or doors are prohibited.

All flyers must include a month and date and be removed from SMHS bulletin boards by the posting club, sport or department within 3 days  after the event is over.
Flyers shall be affixed to bulletin boards by using thumbtacks, pushpins, staples, or blue painter’s masking tape. The use of any other material to affix the sign, especially scotch tape or ordinary masking tape, is prohibited because these materials are very difficult to remove.
The use of signs in any larger format such as banners made of butcher paper or cloth is generally limited to ASB and Cheer.  Any group wishing to post a banner must receive prior permission from the ASB publicity commissioner 3 days prior to the requested posting date.
Banners may only be posted in the central quad, the inside lobby, and on the chain link fence between the baseball field and the north side of the math/science building.

Any SMHS organization violating any of these sign rules is subject to a fine for each offending sign (meaning a sign which violates any of the above rules).
All posters/flyers must first be approved by A.S.B. and must be put up using blue painter’s tape only in A.S.B. approved locations.