San Marino High School



Dear Titan families,


Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! Hopefully you and your families had a restful and rejuvenating summer and are ready for all the activity and excitement that the new school year brings. Your PTSA has been hard at work over the summer organizing registration, planning fundraisers, and designing activities to enrich the experiences of everyone in the Titan family.


In a moment of daydreaming this summer, I wondered why, when San Marino High School was founded, was the Titan chosen as our school mascot? So I did a little research and came up with a few ideas. One meaning of “Titan” is “one of prodigious size, strength, or achievement.” We rightly claim strength in all of our achievements, especially given our less than prodigious size. “Titan” is also the largest of Saturn’s moons, whose atmosphere is active and complex. Certainly, with such a diverse offering of academic, athletic, and artistic pursuits, the atmosphere at San Marino High School is both active and complex. A Titan is also known for his or her prowess with poetry. This suggests that in addition to strength, achievement, and complexity, there is an artistic flair to what a Titan does, which definitely fits the San Marino High School I have known and loved over the past 14 years in this community. I like to think that our mascot represents all of these things together, and that at our best we are strong, active, complex, high achieving, and even a little poetic.


Please take a careful look at the many programs you will be asked to support in this registration packet. Join the PTSA, volunteer to help, and lend your financial support to the PTSA, booster organizations, and our Schools Foundation. Every one listed here enriches the lives of our own Titans, and needs the help of parents and community members like you to be successful. I challenge you to be a True Titan – strong, high achieving, complex, active, and poetic – working to make San Marino High School the wonderful, special place it is for our Titans to learn and grow and explore. I look forward to working with you to make this a True Titan year!


Go Titans!


Karen Wicke

PTSA President