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Lockers & Belongings

Electronic Devices
Cell phones, iPods, radios/stereos, and electronic devices of any kind are NOT to be used in a classroom at any time in order to ensure the proper teaching environment.  Sound devices of any kind are not to be turned on inside classrooms.  Although a student may have a cell phone at school, phones may not be used during class time.  Phones may be used before and after school or at lunch and break.  Any use of a phone that is disruptive to school activity is prohibited.  Pagers/phones that are misused will be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian at a prearranged conference with the Assistant Principal.  Repeated infractions will affect a student’s citizenship grade average and may affect a student’s ability to have the item on campus.

The combination lockers are provided for your convenience and are only to be used for storing books and school materials.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR STORING VALUABLES.  All materials should be taken home each evening and on weekends.  The school does NOT guarantee the security of any lockers.  Each student has the responsibility for anything in his/her locker.  The student or family must pay for any school materials missing from the lockers or damaged while in lockers.  Missing books or school materials must be paid for before new materials will be issued.  Personal items will not be replaced.  Report damaged or broken lockers to the APO.  Lockers are school property and may be searched by school personnel at any time.

SMHS is not responsible for stolen items.  Unfortunately, theft of bicycles and items of value from locker rooms and around campus is NOT an uncommon occurrence.  It is imperative that each student makes a real effort to protect his/her belongings by following some simple rules:

Do not keep valuables in lockers, especially cash.
Do not share your locker with anyone.
Do not reveal your locker combination to anyone.
Do not leave backpacks or other belongings unattended.

Always LOCK your bike.  Locks that are not Kryptonite or similar material are little protection for your bike.   Make sure your bicycle is registered with the police.  If not, they cannot return a recovered stolen bike.  If suspicious activity is observed on campus, report it to the APO or an administrator.  Neither the school nor the district provides any insurance coverage for the private property of students.  Any theft or damage of private property should be reported to the APO, but should ALSO be reported by the family to the police and the family's insurance company.  Students should not leave any personal belongings unattended whether those items are in the classroom, locker room, or outside.  Belongings should always be in the owner’s sight.