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Student Activities

Student Body Activities Card
The purchase of a student body card is optional, but almost every student desires one.  An ASB card affords free admission to most events including: athletic events, school-sponsored parties and dances, and various other privileges that arise during the school year.  Income from the sale of cards is a major source for funding all ASB activities.  DON’T BE WITHOUT ONE!

Titan Activities Packet
The school offers an activity package that includes the ASB card, the yearbook, instructional materials, and the transportation fee for athletics, band, and other ASB (not club) activities.  It is hoped that all students will pay the activity fee so the school can continue to provide a strong co-curricular program.  With the purchase of the Titan Package, a student receives a discount on the yearbook and ASB Card.

Casual dances held by the school are only open to students of San Marino High School.  At semi-formal and formal dances, guests of SMHS students may be admitted, but only with prior signed permission from an administrator from the guest’s school and from a San Marino High school administrator at least one week before the dance.  NO students will be admitted more than an hour after the starting time of the dance, and once students leave the dance they may not reenter.  School I.D. cards or photo I.D. cards must be presented for admission to all school dances.

Coronation Ball
Each year Homecoming is held in honor of past Titan graduates.  The Coronation Ball held the Saturday evening prior to Homecoming highlights the event.  The highlight of the evening is the crowning of a senior girl as Queen.  Princesses representing each class are also crowned.  The girls are nominated and voted by the student body, with the results remaining secret until the magic moment at the Ball when the girls are crowned.  The girls reign over the annual Homecoming Parade down Huntington Drive and at the football game that night. 

Homecoming day will feature a special lunch and the annual parade.  The Coronation Ball will be held the preceding Saturday.  Float building takes place during the week following the Coronation Ball.  The parade down Huntington Drive is at 3:15 PM on Homecoming Day, and that night the game against a rival Rio Hondo League school will take place.  

Grad Night
Following graduation, the seniors enjoy a fantastic all night party put on by the PTSA.  A central theme highlights the décor.  Gifts are distributed with dinner, snacks, games, and plenty of activities available for the party.  It is a truly remarkable affair and makes for a fitting climax to the four years at San Marino High School. 

Junior Prom
Each spring the junior class presents the annual prom in honor of the senior class.  The dance is a formal affair held off campus in early May.  The dance is open to seniors and their non-senior dates, with prior approval.  All attendees must follow school rules.

The school yearbook, the Titanian, is published early in June and records the life of SMHS.  Photos of all students, clubs, athletic activities, and events are recorded for a permanent record of your stay at SMHS.  Before winter break, the award-winning yearbook can be purchased at a discount with an ASB card or at a higher price without the ASB card.  Purchase is optional, but nearly every student buys one.  The school newspaper, the Titan Shield, is published every two weeks and keeps students up-to-date on school activities and social issues.

One of the highlights of the academic year is the trip to Yosemite in which some 110 students and faculty participate.  The total Yosemite experience cannot be adequately expressed in words but includes some of the most educational and rewarding moments of the year. 

Registering for this year's excursion will take place beginning the second week of October.   Numbers will be assigned by lottery, and students will be divided into two groups; first preference will be given to those who have not gone previously; second preference to those who have participated the past two years.  The cost will be around $500.00 and is to be paid at the time of registration.  Financial assistance is available.  Information will be included with materials distributed in January.