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Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting

Course Description:
Drawing and Painting is a one semester course placed within the second level of visual arts electives. The course provides continued investigation of drawing and painting techniques through the use of a variety of media. This course is U.C. approved.

Course Content:
Studio assignments are designed to further develop skills and techniques learned in Art Fundamentals. New media introduced include acrylics, oil pastels, water color and mixed media. In most assignments, students will work from still lifes, live models or direct observation from nature. All assignments encourage self expression and continue to explore the art elements and design principles as listed in the State Framework.

Each student is required to keep a weekly journal/sketchbook. Each week requires drawing entries to assist in increasing visual perception. Writing entries are designed to increase aesthetic valuing through written analysis and interpretation of works of art. 

ESLRs Addressed by Curriculum:
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Critical Thinking
  • Post Secondary Preparation
  • Technological Proficiency
Critical Standards:
Artistic Perception
1.1 Students identify and use the principles of design to discuss, analyze, and write about visual aspects in works of art.

Creative Expression
2.1 Students solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design.
2.2 Students prepare a portfolio of original two dimensional works of art that reflect refined craftsmanship and technical skills.
2.4 Students review and refine observational drawing skills.

Aesthetic Valuing
4.4 Students articulate the process and rationale for refining and reworking one of their own works of art.
4.5 Students employ the conventions of art criticism in writing and speaking about works of art.

Textbooks: None

Prerequisite: One year of Art Fundamentals with B or Better.

Special Features:
This course can be repeated for credit. A lab fee is required per semester. Students will be required to purchase one canvas per semester. Students must maintain a B or better to progress to the next level.