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3D Art

3D Art

Course Description:
Three-dimensional art is a level one art elective, which lasts one year and is open to all students. It is designed to provide a beginning experience in art, primarily, but not exclusively, three-dimensional. This course is U.C. approved.

Course Content:
This course will explore a variety of mediums including papier-mâché, clay, batik, metal and mixed media. Possible other mediums may be introduced. Emphasis will be on basic design elements, function, aesthetics, creativity and craftsmanship using essential vocabulary and exploring art history from various perspectives. Current trends in three-dimensional art along with the role of technology in the production of art and the current job market in the arts will be explored. Potential health hazards in the visual arts will also be covered. 

ESLRs Addressed by Curriculum:
  • Critical thinking
  • Technological Literacy
Critical Standards:
Artistic Perception
1.5 Analyze the material used by a given artist and describe how its use influences the meaning of the work. 

Creative Expression
2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and principles of design.
2.4 Review and refine observational drawing skills.
2.6 Create a two- or three-dimensional work of art that addresses a social issue.

Historical and Cultural Context
3.1 Identify similarities and differences in the purposes of art created in selected cultures.
3.3 Discuss the purposes of art in selected contemporary cultures.

Aesthetic Valuing
4.4 Articulate the process and rationale for refining and reworking one of their own works of art.

Connections, Relationships, and Applications
5.2 Create a work of art that communicates a cross-cultural or universal theme taken from literature or history.

Various reading materials will be required and will be available.
An Introductory Guide to the Safe Use of Materials
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1981 

Prerequisite: None