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SMHS Club Information 2013-2014

ACTS (Ford)
To promote school/community service and Christian fellowship

Altrusia (Snyder)
To provide a way for students to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate children

Amnesty (D'Souza)
To educate and mobilize the public about human rights through student activism

Animanga (Yano)
To expose students to Japanese culture

Chess (Gibson)
To spread and expand the popularity of traditional board games throughout the campus community

Computer Science (Penafuerte)
To educate students with computer use

Connect (Johnson)
To assist and educate the elderly in technology

Cookies (Carmona)
To teach students basic cooking skills while raising awareness for hunger in the community

FAB (Caire)
To provide and serve the Freshman Class of 2017

FBLA (Jacobs)
To promote business, leadership and networking skills

Friends Incorporated (Adesina)
To provide disability awareness at the school

Gay Straight Alliance (Williams)
To foster diverse culture and provide opportunities for students to build friendships and encourage open-mindedness about sexual diversity within the community

Green (Snyder)
To provide environmental awareness and action for the benefit of self, SMHS and the community

Interact (Berg/Blanton)
To provide students with an opportunity to participate in community service while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends

JAB (Keeton)
To provide and serve the Junior Class of 2015

JTASA (Hsaio)
To spread awareness about Taiwanese history and culture and provide service hour opportunities

Key (Ubovich)
To provide its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership

Let's Hope (Bush)
To provide quality education in developing countries

Magix (Bush)
To teach students the fun in magic

Math (Silver)
To expose students to math outside the usual classroom setting and provide opportunities in problem solving math

Model United Nations (Silver)
To teach students the importance of unity and being model citizens

Omegas (Williams/Hicks)
To assist in any community service available in the community, school and elsewhere

Red Cross (Gayl)
To provide service hour opportunities for the benefit of the community and to those in need

SAB/Titan Council (Beckler)
To provide and serve the Senior Class of 2014

Science Club (Chubbick)
To increase scientific literacy, awareness, knowledge and understanding through scientific inquiry and logical reasoning

Stars and Stripes (Hall)
To increase American spirit withint the student body

Students of Service (Hsieh)
To provide service to the community and school

The Supply (Penafuerte)
To assist the less fortunate

Zethusians (Gibson)
To provide a means for students to take part in community service activities in a fun, enjoyable environment