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Principal's Message


Hello! I’m Issaic Gates, and I’m extremely honored to serve as the new principal of San Marino High School. Since joining the high school team,  I’ve been working to learn the community of San Marino, and I’ve spoken with students, parents, teachers, and community members.  It is no surprise that each group proudly affirms the commonly known fact that SMHS has a world-class team of educators, counselors, and staff- the best in the business. It is also widely known that San Marino High School’s identity is framed by a culture of excellence described in part as rigorous academic programming, high expectations, and superior student achievements in academics, arts, and athletics. College and university admission offices throughout California, across the United States, and around world regard San Marino High School graduates as highly prepared learners who will excel in challenging college-level courses.

As principal, it is my aim to develop relationships and provide leadership that will support and further SMHS’s identity and traditions. I’m also committed to promoting a campus culture that encourages student connectedness and healthy and balanced learning. Our community, educational professionals, and students recognize that having strong academic skill sets is important. Equally important is developing students who are balanced and healthy learners, learners that believe and rely on their uniqueness and individuality as a tool, as an advantage, to look beyond traditional perspectives, rules, and patterns to create new ideas, new methods, new solutions, and other meaningful contributions to our local and progressive global community.

San Marino High School’s identity is solid and respected.  As we look forward, towards the next 10,000 tomorrows, building and shaping the future of San Marino High School will take our entire community. As principal, I will lean on the expertise and professionalism of our faculty and staff. I’ll value the voice of our students, and I garner input and support from our community. Together we will determine how to best prepare our students to contribute immediately as perceptive leaders and collaborators in an ever-so-quickly evolving society.

Dr. Issaic Gates