Concert Band

Intermediate playing experience.  Concert Band is a class focused on developing musical skills and knowledge, preparing students for Wind Ensemble. Repertoire will be chosen from SCSBOA Grades 2– 4 depending on ensemble skill. Performances include the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and Pops Concert. Students may be asked to form independent small ensembles for other performance opportunities. Students enrolled in Marching Band MUST be concurrently enrolled in WIND ENSEMBLE or CONCERT BAND for PE Credit.


All wind and percussion instruments are welcome. There are no limitations for instrumentation, except that it should reflect a good proportion of balance. If you notice an instrument missing in Wind Ensemble, it may be easier to pass the audition if you take it up. In general, more double reed instruments are preferred, as well as French Horn and low brass. 
Instructional Goals-
By the end of the year students will be able to:
1) Demonstrate good rehearsal etiquette, practice habits, and instrument care;
2) Produce an indicative tone;
3) Perform a full range chromatic scale (intermediate range), quarter notes @ 120 BPM;
4) Perform all 12 major scales (one octave) and arpeggios, 8th notes @ 120 BPM;
5) Sight Read SCSBOA Grade 2 (or equivalent) repertoire with 70% Accuracy;
6) Demonstrate good intonation through tuning and adjusting chords, within 10 cents;
7) Perform minor scales (one octave) and arpeggios in F, C, G, A, and D minor, quarter notes @ 120 BPM; and
8) Distinguish and Demonstrate various articulations (Accent, Tenuto, Marcato, Staccato, Slur, Legato Tongue)
Grading - 
Participation/Professionalism (35%): Students receive 10 points per day for punctual, prepared, and engaged attendance to class. Points are deducted for disruptive or unengaged behavior, lack of equipment (forgetting an instrument or music at home), lack of preparation, or unexcused tardies or absences. This grade also determines citizenship.
Playing Tests (25%): Students are graded on a rubric based on Tone Production, Tempo/Rhythmic Accuracy, Pitch/Intonation, Articulation, and Phrasing (when applicable). Students are given at least a week's notice on all playing tests. Topics for testing may include scales, rhythmic exercises, technical exercises, or repertoire excerpts. Playing tests are out of 100 points and may be retaken for a better grade UNTIL the end of the quarter from which they were assigned. 
Performances (20%): Rehearsals always lead up to a performance. Complete performance credit includes punctual attendance, proper attire, and good behavior throughout the event. Missing the final two rehearsals before a performance may jeopardize participation.
Listening Journals (20%): Students will be required to keep a listening journal throughout the semester, in which they will be asked to respond to written prompts, take notes about music theory, and complete aural dictation or transcription exercises. The journal will be turned in at the end of each semester. Failure to do so may result in sudden drops in grades.