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The Big Assembly

Sender craig rousselot
Posted On 2010-08-23
Year May 1972
Memoir My senior year our rock band, All Rights Reserved, ( Tom Smyth ('72) Tony Thacher ('72) Todd Greene ('73) and myself Craig Rousselot ('72) were asked to play a morning assembly when the scheduled act cancelled.

At this time only underclassman had to go to morning assemblies, so we figured for a small audience. However, word spread like wild fire and when the curtain opened...the house was full, of the curious, our small but mighty fans and many who came to jeer!

Brian Booth was sitting in on cowbell ( as SNL says, "More cowbell" and he went to mike and uttered the traditonal line, " I haven't been up this early since high school!" The place roared.

Unfortunately as it was eraly in the morning, our singing was frankly awful although the music was okay.

It was a memorable gig,caught on tape by Rob Ukropina's reel to reel.

When I played it for my own kids, years ago, they booed!

Now both of my daughters are musicians and actors so they get to face their own audiences!

Keep on rockin!

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