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Hosted Tournaments - Freshman Water Polo

2009 San Marino Frosh-Soph Tournament

Dear Coaches:

Welcome to the 6th annual San Marino Water Polo Tournament to be held at San Marino High School. Remember to send or bring your tournament fee of $325.00. Every team has four games. Good luck to all of you and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Crescenta Valley La Canada
Temple City Santa Monica
Burroughs Burbank
San Marino "A" San Marino "B"

Friday Oct 2, 2009
Game 1 3:30 A3 vs A4
Game 2 4:15 A1 vs A2
Game 3 5:00 B1 v B2
Game 4 5:45 B3 vs B4
Game 5 6:30 A1 v A3
Game 6 7:15 A2 v A4
Game 7 8:00 B1vs B3
Game 8 8:45 B2v B4
Game 9 9:30 A1 v A4
Game 10 10:15 B1v B4
Game 11 11:00 A2 v A3

Saturday October 3, 2009

Game 12 11:45 B2 v B3
Game 13 12:30 4th A v 4th B (7th)
Game 14 1:15 3rd A v 3rd B (5th)
Game 15 2:00 2nd A v 2ndB (3rd)
Game 16 2:45 1st A v 1st B (1st)

All games on will be four quarters of five minutes stop time. Each team shall have one time out per game, and one :30 second time out. First team listed will be dark hats. Sudden-death will break all tie games, then goals against, if necessary. There will be a most valuable player selected as well as an all-tournament team. The meet director and the coaches from the top four teams will vote for these selections. We look forward to your participation in our tournament. If you have any questions call my tournament director, Jose Caire, (626) 827-7045.

Casey Holcomb