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It begins with a thought.


Students today are faced with increasing mixed messages and new challenges as the world quickly evolves.  How do we help students create balance in a “more is better” world?


It begins with a thought, “Change your thoughts and you change your world,” says Norman Vincent Peale.  Sounds too simple to be true, right?  There is an emerging field of positive psychology that is focused on substantiating this claim.  One study conducted at UC Davis showed that those who did a simple act of writing down 5 things they were grateful for 10 consecutive weeks experienced many benefits of “focusing on the positive” including fewer health complaints and increased feelings of happiness.


Schools have known this to be true for some time.  There are many ways we strive help students do this in an educational setting, which will hopefully carry over into other areas of their lives.  We utilize a “strengths-based” perspective, where we view students through the lens of “what is working” rather than what is not going well, so we can help them reframe a situation or circumstance.  One such tool used is Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, where students step outside of the traditional concept of “intelligence” to see that we are all born with a wide range gifts/talents and have much value to offer the world.  Developing this sense of value and providing opportunities for meaningful participation is one of the “protective factors” identified by the Search Institute that helps teens build resiliency to face life’s obstacles/challenges and overcome them in a healthy way. 


We are so fortunate here at San Marino High school.  From the supportive/involved parents and community members to the quality and variety of offerings, students have many options available where they can explore their talents/interests, create positive bonds and provide service to others.


I am so privileged to part of this process to help implement comprehensive school-wide programs to address the needs of the whole student in this ever-changing world to help them build resiliency to carry with them in life far beyond their high school years.


Mrs. Ives     


Wishing all of our amazing Peer Mentors a Happy Valentine's Day. You make the world a better, happier place! :)


Silence is loud when you want to make a statement! SMHS GSA will be participating in the annual Day of Silence.  Its aim is to highlight the silencing of LGBTQ+ individuals and to promote acceptance, respect and empathy.  It will take place on Thursday, April 11th. You will need a permission slip (available below or in the Wellness Center) to participate in this important event to help create safer schools for all.  See Mrs. Ives for more information.
Hey Freshman and new students, get ready for finals the "sweet way" with your Link Crew Leaders and a cup of hot cocoa! Get important tips to help you prepare for your first semester finals on Fri. Dec. 14th at lunch at our "Cocoa & Cookies for Crews" event in the College/Career Center:
We are so excited for our upcoming assembly sponsored by PfA! 
A promise made. A promise kept. Alex Sheen is inspiring millions around the world to keep their promises.
Dear Peer Mentors, Thank you for a wonderful year! The work you do here is invaluable. You will receive a small token of appreciation in your classes next week to acknowledge how important you are to our school culture. Have a wonderful summer!

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