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Dance Studio Etiquette

Expected Behavior


Each dancer is expected to be on time, dress appropriately, have hair out of their face, participate daily, demonstrate a positive and cooperative attitude and work to the best of his/her ability every single day.


No cell phones, street shoes, gum, food or drink on the dance floor.


There is no talking during warm up. The focus should be on the task at hand and increasing your technique, strength and flexibility. Talking should be limited to questions during class. Disruptive behavior is prohibited.

Appropriate Dress:


Dance is perceived as a series of lines and shapes in space created through body positions and movements. It is therefore essential that dance clothing reveal body line and allow freedom of movement.


It is required that all dancers were a leotard and tights as their base clothing. T-shirt and bike shorts can be worn over but cannot be too baggy. Sweats can only be worn in the winter.


Clothing worn for class cannot have any buttons, snaps or zippers and nothing worn to school can be worn on the dance floor.


No jewelry should be worn that could cause harm or distract you during class.


Footwear is usually chosen for the style of dance that is being taught. Our students usually go bare foot , wear paws, pirouette shoes, jazz shoes or ballet slippers.



Daily participation is necessary for success in an activity class such as dance. Participation begins with ATTENDANCE followed by active involvement each day’s warm up, lesson and choreography. Participation also includes meeting the performance requirement and attending all dress rehearsals each semester.