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Beginning Dance

Begninning Dance

Beginning Dance is a semester elective that can be taken for P.E. OR Fine Arts credit. The course includes a strenuous warm-up that develops proper body alignment, physical conditioning and dance technique. A dance vocabulary is acquired as well as an appreciation of dance as an art form. Each dancer is required to perform in one dance concert per semester. The class can be repeated for credit. To progress to the next level, students must maintain a B or better and meet the technical requirements of the next level.

All students are expected to:
  • attend class daily
  • be on time
  • dress appropriately
  • work to the best of their ability
  • maintain a positive and cooperative attitude
  • attend all dress rehearsals and class performances
  • purchase costumes and/or shoes for their performance

Grading: The student's grade is based on the following four components

    1. DAILY IN CLASS PARTICIPATION: This includes performance of prescribed activities, use of appropriate effort and the demonstration of a positive attitude.
    1. ATTENDANCE: Absences (for any reason) lower the attendance grade ONE letter grade for each TWO absences. *Serious illness or doctor excused medical situations will be treated on an individual basis.
    1. WRITTEN AND PERFORMANCE TESTS: This will be determined by observing warm ups and choreography.
  1. SEMESTER PERFORMANCE: attendance and participation at mandatory dress rehearsals and performances.