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Eng 1-2: Take 5

1. Tell me about your first day of high school. Surprises? Expectations? 
2. "My Name" - students will choose one of 7 available prompts. 
3. Do 7 Habits worksheet on paradigms of self and write down 1 negative paradigm and a "baby step" you are going to do to change it. 
4. What is your favorite tv show? Tell me about it. Why is it your fav? 
5. Plot diagram and Finding Nemo 
6. What is the point of view in "The Open Window"? 
7. How are you doing with changing the negative paradigm? What can you do to keep the change going?
8. What is your first impression of Mme Loisel?
9. Tell me about your Labor Day weekend.
10. Choose 3 vocab words and write a sentence for each word.
11. Tell me about your favorite place (setting)
12. Tell me about Zaroff - how is he like/unlike Rainsford?
13. How do you feel about hunting? Do you think it is ever okay to hunt people?
14. Do you think Rainsford was right to kill Gen Zaroff? Use at least 1 quote + CM to justify your answer.
15. Write down everything that comes to your mind about the word "road"
16. Is peer pressure good or bad? Support with examples.
17. What expectations do your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, have for you? Are the expectations helpful or hurtful?
18. Compare the imagery of the ibis and Doodle. (t-chart)
19.Write 2 sentences and use all types of the part of speech.
20. What are some qualities of a hero? Choose 1 and discuss how it can be good and bad.
21. Cite the following:
author: Cole Mace, Miles Glazier
title: Gangsters of Room 22
place published: Swagger Publishing, San Marino
Copyright date: 2011
Type: Print
22. Name1 thing you learned yesterday (the think-a-thon). Was the activity helpful? Would you want to do it again? Explain.
23. Tell me about your Thanksgiving weekend.