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Eng 3-4 Take 5

Quarter 1: Take 5

1. What are your expectations for this year? What are you excited about?
2. Roots: Find 3 examples using the following root
hydr(o) aqua : water
8/26 - pen and paper for test, no take 5
3. Roots: Find 3 examples using the following root
astr(o) and geo
4. Roots: Find 3 examples using the following root
cosmo and naut
5.Do you agree with George's decision to kill Lennie? Why?
6. There are a few instances where we learn of Eli's family missing out on an opportunity to escape. How does this influence your reading of the memoir? How does it help you understand the Jewish experience of the Holocaust as a whole?
7. Tell me about your Labor Day weekend.
8. Choose 3 vocab words and write a sentence for each word. ("Sinners")
9. Have you ever been falsely accused?
10. List some info you read last night that gave some insight into characters and setting.
11. Do you think the changes we've made since 9/11 for national security (ie body scanners, mall of America) were worth giving up individual rights?
12. Who do you think is to blame for the histeria at this point in the story (end of Act 1)?
13. Vocab sentences
14. Vocab sentences
15. Do you think Elizabeth should be suspicious of John or is she overreacting? Justify your answer with examples from the text.
16. Who said it:
"Suspicion kissed you when I did."
"Will t hurt the child, sir?"
17. Do you think the court will believe John's plea?
18. Write sentences using the following phrases:
19. If John Proctor was an element (fire, earth, wind, water), what would he be? Why? 
20. Which sentence is best? (combining sample sentences for final)
21. KWL for Age of Reason
22. Ben Franklin: tell me what you know about him
23. "Savages" word association
24. Age of Reason - individualism or realism using 1 source
25. Explain why the Masque is Romantic.
26. Explain what Longfellow's poem is about. 
27. Why is it Romantic?
28. Do you think you should follow your heart or are there exceptions?
29. Your study habits linked to your strengths (multiple intelligences test) OR how is the following song transcendentalist "I Don't Wanna Be" Gavin DeGraw
30. Tell me about your Thanksgiving weekend.