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Do Now - Prep

Q3 English Prep: Do Now

1. What is courage?
2. Feb 7: Grammar on MLK and Mandela
3. Feb 8: Grammar: “He will leave to go to the store…”
4. Feb 9: CAHSEE Prep: White Fang
5. Feb 15: How did you spend your homework free weekend?
6. Feb 16: What do you think is going to happen to the Satori crew- rescued or not rescued?
7. Feb 17: Pick 5 vocabulary words from The Perfect Storm and write a sentence for each
8. Feb 21: CAHSEE Prep: Falconer
9. Feb 22: CAHSEE Prep: Passwords
    Make your own password based on the guidelines in the passage
10. Feb 23: CAHSEE Prep: Electric Cars
11. Feb 24: What do you think about poetry? Do you like it? Why or why not?
12. Feb 25: Definition of simile, implied metaphor, and direct metaphor
13. Feb 28: What’s your favorite drink?
14. March 1: What is your favorite holiday? Why? Explain using imagery.
15. Do Questions in Perfect Storm packet on p. 70
16. Write this down: Symbolism - anything that signifies, or stands for, something else. It is a concrete object that stands for something abstract