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Ms. Kellie Redmond (Hicks) » Eng 1-2 Take 5: Quarter 2

Eng 1-2 Take 5: Quarter 2

Q3 – Do Now

1. What qualities make a hero? How can some of these qualities be bad?

2. What is the longest you’ve been away from home? Tell me about the experience.

3.What is your favorite word? Why?

4. Copy down a Hero’s Journey

5. Choose five vocab words and write a sentence for each.
6. How did you spend your homework free weekend?

7. Choose five vocab words and write a sentence for each.

8. Cite the following:
author: Amanda Hernandez        webpage: Top 10 Ways to Say “I Love You”
website:            access date: 2/16/2011
publisher: Glamour            date published: 2/14/2011

author: Derek Chacon            article: Best Dates in Los Angeles
magazine: Washington Post        date published: 2/14/2011

9. Summarize Books 7 and 8 of the Odyssey

10. Draw a series of pictures depicting the events in Book 9

11. What are two ways the movie differed from the book? Write 3 sentences using vocab words from books 5 and 6

12. Summarize Book 11

13. Cite the following
author: Martin O’Malley        webpage: Go Green
website:        publisher: Irish Times
date accessed: 3/2/2011

author: Maddie McMahon        webpage: Why Cats Are The Best
website:        publishers: Meow, Tabby, and Whiskers
published date: 12/5/2010        date accessed: 3/2/2011

14. In Book 15, what two signs does Telemachus see? What does each omen mean?

15. Cite the following:
author: Polyphemus D. Cyclops    webpage: In The Dark: One Cyclop’s Struggle
website:        date published: 7/16/2009
date accessed: 3/9/2011

16. 5 sentences using a vocabulary word from Book 10 for each.

17. The scene between Penelope and Odysseus is one of the most famous scenes in literature. Some readers have suggested that Penelope actually knows the identity of the beggar by now but is not revealing it. What do you think about this interpretation? Support your answer with specific quotes from Book 19. (this should be a longer entry and will therefore count for more points)

18. Write 5 sentences using vocabulary words from Book 11/12 for each.

19. Please describe your most prized possession. Explain its significance.