San Marino High School

College Connection Newsletters

Important Dates


November 1-30

Application filing period for UCs and CSUs


November 8- Why Us? Workshop

While college applications often have a required essay, many colleges include their own school-specific questions called writing supplements. One of the most common supplement questions is the infamous "Why This College?" Be sure to attend the Why Us? workshop on Thursday, November 8th during lunch to hear our USC rep explain what responses colleges are looking for. 


November 2: SAT Registration deadline for December 1 test

If you are applying regular decision, many colleges will still accept the December test score as long as you report on your applications that you plan to take the December test. Please confirm with individual colleges.


November 12: Veteran’s Day- No School

Take this opportunity to visit local area colleges; many campuses are open. There’s no better experience than a campus visit to help you understand the feel of the school.


November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

Enjoy this time of togetherness without the stress of the college apps. Hopefully, you have the UC and CSU apps submitted before this time. 


November 26 Open Lab

Counselors will be at the College/Career Center at lunch to help students with their college applications. Computers will be available for students to use to login to their accounts or students can bring their own. No sign ups needed- walk ins are welcome!


November 30 PCC Pre-Application Workshop

Our PCC rep will explain the application process and highlight important information about matriculating to PCC.



7 Reminders for Seniors for College Application Season

  •         Communicate with your Counselor!
  •     Please let us know if you make changes to your list, change a deadline, or just have questions
     Update Naviance
  •     If you haven’t yet matched your Common App account to your Naviance account, please do so as soon as possible – we will show you how if you need help!


  •     Indicate whether you are applying Early Action or Early Decision, what application you will be using, and take off any colleges you will NOT be applying to (remember – if there is a choice, ALWAYS pick Common App!)


      Finalize your College List

  •     Now is the time to finalize your list and make decisions regarding where you will apply. Remember, you want  every college on your list to be a college you would be HAPPY to attend.


      Complete all standardized testing and have your official scores sent to your Colleges

  •     Many colleges will accept up to the December date for test scores, but please confirm the last testing date your colleges will accept if you are unsure (deadlines may be different for Early Action or Early Decision schools, especially).


      Thank your Teachers!

  •     By this point, you should have secured your teacher recommendations (if you still need help with this process, please see your counselor!)


  •     Remember you must invite your teachers on Naviance so that they can send their recommendations.  


      Remember, application deadlines are NOT flexible!

  •     Don’t wait until the last minute! Make a calendar, create deadlines for yourself, and give yourself time to complete your applications in a timely matter.


      Breathe, relax and take time for yourself!

  •     College application season can be stressful – make sure to carve out time for yourself.  Ask for help if you need it.