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Pasadena City College (PCC)

  • Application Workshop is scheduled for Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 8:00 am in the College & Career Center

 California Community Colleges

  • Apply for all California Community Colleges at
  • Most California community colleges will begin accepting applications for Fall 2019 term in December 2018


7 Reminders for Seniors During College Application Season

  • Communicate with your Counselor!

 Please let us know if you make changes to your list, change a deadline, or just have questions. We’re here to help you!!

  •  Update Naviance!

If you haven’t matched your Common App account to your Naviance account, please do so as soon as possible – we will show you how if you need help!

Indicate whether you are applying Early Action or Early Decision, what application you will be using (remember – if there is a choice, ALWAYS pick the Common App!), and remove any colleges you will NOT be applying to.

  •   Finalize Your College List

Now is the time to finalize your list and make decisions regarding where you will apply. Remember, you want every college on your list to be a college you would be HAPPY to attend.


  •   Complete all standardized testing and have your scores officially sent to your colleges

 Many colleges will accept up to the December date for test scores, but please confirm the last testing date your colleges will accept if you are unsure (deadlines may be different for Early Action or Early Decision schools, especially).


  •    Thank your Teachers!

By this point, you should have secured your teacher recommendations (if you still need help with this process, please see your counselor!)


Remember you must invite your teachers on Naviance so that they can send their recommendations.  Don’t forget to thank them!

  •    Remember, application deadlines are NOT flexible!

Don’t wait until the last minute! Make a calendar, create deadlines for yourself, and give yourself time to complete your applications in a timely matter.

  •    Breathe, relax and take time for yourself!

College application season is stressful – make sure to carve out time for yourself amid the chaos.  Ask for help if you need it. 


All Students:


* PSAT update ( 2018 PSAT/NMSQT scores will be available online around December 10th.

How to View Your Scores from the College Board Website

  • Create a free College Board account
  • While signed in, go to the score reporting portal
  • Verify your personal information to view your scores

Using a Confirmation Email  - If you provided an email address during testing, you’ll get a message when your scores are ready. Once you get the confirmation email:

  • Follow the instructions and create a free College Board account
  • While signed in, go to the score reporting portal
  • Use the access code from the email to view your scores 

* Participate in Community Service


Organizations to consider:

 Tournament of Roses Float Decorating

December 26, 2018 to December 31, 2018


Toys for Tots




Union Station Homeless Services  



Foothill Unity Center

            Holiday Food & Gift Distribution

           The Center holds a general volunteer orientation on the first and third week of each month.  If you’d like to attend one and learn more about how you can help, please call (626) 358-3486 or email



* Fall Semester Final Exam Schedule

Wednesday, 12/19/18  Period 1 and 4                      

Period 1            8:00 – 10:08

Break                10:08 – 10:18

Period 4            10:23 – 12:30 


Thursday, 12/20/18   Period 2 and 5
Period 2            8:00 – 10:08

Break                10:08 – 10:18

Period 5            10:23 – 12:30


Friday, 12/21/18  Period 3 and 6                      

Period 3            8:00 – 10:08

Break                10:08 – 10:18

Period 6           10:23 – 12:30  



* Test Preparation Tips

*Preparation for your test should begin on the first day of class; this includes paying attention during class, taking good notes, studying, completing homework assignments and reviewing study materials on a regular basis.

*Budget your time, make sure you have sufficient time to study so that you are well prepared for the test.

*Go over any material from practice tests, homework, sample problems, review material, the textbook, class notes...

*Eat before a test. Having food in your stomach will give you energy and help you focus but avoid heavy foods that can make you groggy.

*Don't try to pull an all-nighter. 

*Put the main ideas/information/formulas onto a sheet that can be quickly reviewed many times, this makes it easier to retain the key concepts that will be on the test.

*Show up to the test on time.