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Work Permits

Work Permit Information

Why do you need a Work Permit? State law requires employers to have a work permit on file for employees under the age of 18.  A work permit is required for the protection of both the employer and the employee.  An employer who does not have a work permit on file for their underage employees can be fined.  A work permit protects the rights of underage employees by ensuring that they do not engage in duties restricted by law, and that they work within the limited hours, based on their age.

Who is eligible to get a Work Permit? 

State law ensures that a student's first priority is their education. Students with satisfactory attendance, a 2.0 GPA and no more than one “F” are eligible to take on the extra responsibility of a part time job. To be eligible to obtain a work permit, the student must meet these requirements.  The student must maintain grades and attendance, checked at each grading period, in order to continue working.  A work permit can be reinstated at the next grading period upon meeting these requirements.


What is the process of getting a Work Permit?

First, you need to get a job!  When you are hired, you will need to get a work permit. Permit applications can be downloaded from the work permit page or you can pick up the Blue “Application for a Work Permit” in the Career Center.  Fill out the student section, have the employer fill out the employer section, and have your parent/guardian sign it.  Bring the application back to Mrs. Singh or Mrs. Soltis for processing.  Your work permit will be processed and ready for you to sign and pick up, the following day.

Entertainment Work Permits

The College and Career Center DOES NOT process Entertainment work permits. Student's seeking the completion of an Entertainment work permit application need to see the school's Registrar and Counseling office.