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San Marino High School Academic Honesty Policy

At San Marino High School we promote character and high ethical standards. We expect all students to create work that is entirely his/her own. A student who cheats or plagiarizes is in violation of this Academic Honesty Policy and is subject to the procedures and consequences discussed below.


Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Plagiarizing or turning in any work as your own that is the work of another person or outside source
  1. Copying another student's work or class assignments
    (*plagiarizing from a student or other source without citation)
  1. Allowing another student to copy your work or class assignments
  1. Putting your name on someone else's paper/project, unless it is a group project/paper
  1. Copying another student's answers on a quiz/test
  1. Giving another student help on a quiz/test, including telling a student what is on an upcoming quiz/test
  1. Creating, possessing or using a "cheat sheet" on a quiz/test
  1. Tampering with a teacher's grade records
  1. Stealing and/or selling quizzes/exams or in possession of an exam or quiz (e.g. picture of an exam on a cell phone or other camera)
  1. Unauthorized possession or use of teacher manuals/solution manuals
  1. Using an unauthorized electronic device during quizzes/exams or having the electronic device out at the time of assessment
  1. Talking/communicating during a quiz/test (No communicating, person to person or electronically, is permitted until ALL quizzes/exams are turned in)
  1. Accessing an outside source (e.g., internet) without permission from the teacher



Plagiarism is defined as presenting materials or work prepared by another person/persons as the student’s own work without crediting the source. This includes, but is not limited to:


  1. failing to expressly acknowledge the research, writing, or work by someone other than the student, claiming authorship as his/her own
  1. presenting as his/her own, or as new and original, an idea or product derived from an existing source


The teacher is initially responsible for determining if cheating has occurred. Ultimately, the San Marino High School Principal is responsible for the enforcement of the Academic Honesty Policy and has the authority and discretion to make all final decisions regarding consequences.

Cheating on more than one part of a multi-step or long term assignment will be considered a "second offense."


Additionally, each teacher may establish individual guidelines and expectations with respect to honesty. It is the student’s responsibility to know what each teacher expects. Consequences for cheating may include, but are not limited to: a citizenship grade of “F” for the class, an academic grade of “F” on an assignment, “F” for the whole class, and the inability of the student to receive a positive college letter of recommendation. Counselors will be notified of students who violate this policy. Violation of this policy may negatively affect college letters of recommendations.


First Infraction:

  1.  Teacher informs the parent.
  2. Teacher refers the student to Assistant Principal of Discipline for a student and parent conference where the Academic Honesty Policy is reviewed.
  3. The student’s citizenship grade is lowered to an F grade for that semester in that class.
  4. The student receives no credit on the assignment and the Assistant Principal logs the incident into PowerSchool.


Second Infraction in the same course.

  1. The student will receive an administrative grade drop. The meeting and infraction are documented in PowerSchool.
  2. The student will receive an “F” grade on the assignment.
  3. The student will receive an in-house suspension for two school days.
  4. The suspension and cause may be reported to colleges in the school report.
  5. The administrator may suspend the student from co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Third Infraction in the same course:

  1. The student may be referred to a Student Study Team (SST). The SST may determine that the student is incorrectly placed in the class.
  1. The student receives an out-of-school suspension for three to five days.
  2. The suspension and cause may be reported to colleges in the school report.
  3. The administrator may suspend the student from co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  4. A recommendation may be made to the San Marino High School Principal for the student to be drop/failed from the course where the third infraction takes place.  If this recommendation is made, the principal will convene an SST to evaluate the student’s potential for success in the course.


Over-riding Infractions

If a student steals, sells, buys or possesses a test or final examination, a parent conference is called, a suspension of five days is assigned, and the student is drop/failed from the course.

Any criminal activity involving student access of school records will be reported to the San Marino Police Department immediately. Expulsion may be recommended to the San Marino Unified School District Board of Education.


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