San Marino High School

College Connection Newsletters

March 2017 

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy. Last week, SMHS students participated in an assembly where they witnessed firsthand the power of expressing gratitude to others.


The dictionary definition of gratitude is: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. This sounds so simple yet in today’s ambitious world, it can be difficult to practice but in just a few minutes a day we can cultivate this important attitude. The benefits of gratitude go far beyond making the world a kinder place.  There is much scientific research indicating personal benefits as well including increased happiness, improved relationships and physical/psychological health, better sleep quality, improved self-esteem, etc. Here is one article to explore this topic more in depth:


Here are a few suggestions on how to cultivate gratitude:

  • •    Keep a daily gratitude journal or make a bulletin board  
  •    Write a gratitude letter
  •    Take a "gratitude walk"
  •    Practice gratitude, give back
  • •   Shift your perceptions


Grade Level Updates:

Seniors:  Congratulations! You are nearly through the college application process.  Now that your applications have been sent you will start receiving decisions from the colleges.  Here are a few important reminders

  • The deadline to deposit is May 1st to secure your spot at the college you choose to attend (remember you may only deposit to ONE college.
  • • Please keep your counselor informed on every admission decision you receive by updating your Naviance account, including scholarship information
  • Finish your senior year strong.  You do not want to jeopardize your college admissions due to poor grades!
  • Keep any rejection letters to turn in for the root beer floats next month!!
  • Ideally, you should submit the FAFSA by March 2nd but there is still time to apply for financial aid as well as outside scholarships (see list in Naviance).


Juniors:  College applications are approaching quickly!  You and you parents will be meeting individually this month to choose senior year classes and to engage in the college process more fully.  You will receive valuable information to help you navigate your way through Naviance, the college application process and much more.

Sophomores & Freshmen: Try to find your balance! When choosing classes don’t take on too much and be sure to make time for co-curricular activities.  Have you committed to membership in any clubs or activities?  Getting involved in clubs, sports, work or volunteering to help others can help you learn more about yourself and can be fun!  The Collegeboard states, “Most college applications ask about your activities. That’s because the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you — in ways that grades and test scores can’t.”


Upcoming Dates:

  • •    Junior individual meetings: ongoing throughout March
  • •    March 2nd PCC here during lunch in the College/Career Center
  • •    March 7th Case Study Night for juniors 7:00pm
  • •    March 10th Making the Most of your College Visit during lunch in the College/Career Center
  • •    March 10th AP test registration deadline
  • •    March 15th College Fit during lunch in the College/Career Center
  • •    March 16th Link Crew event during lunch
  •     March 17th Special Olympics Spring Games