San Marino High School

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                                                                                                                                                                      September 2017 

Welcome back new and returning Titans!  We have had an exciting beginning this year. Our LINK CREW Leaders ran a high energy Orientation to welcome our freshmen/new students and will continue to connect with them at monthly events throughout the year. Our ASB held the Opening Week Assembly and revealed the theme for this year: TITAN STRONG!


The Counseling Department will have many exciting and informative events this month, please mark your calendars!


  •       Sign up for College Rep Visits! Students can now sign up using Naviance under the "College” tab. For the list of scheduled visits see the College and Career Center, the website or check on Naviance.
  •       College Career Center Events:
    • Sept.  1st College Interview Presentation @ lunch
    • Sept.  7th Mock Interviews 8-10am
    • Sept.  13th UC application Presentation @ lunch
  •       Seniors: Counselors will be presenting on Naviance Sept. 5th in Econ & Govt. classes (lunchtime session for seniors not taking Econ & Govt. this year)
  •      Senior Individual Meetings Begin Sept. 6th
  •       “Kick off to College” Senior Parent Night: Sept. 7th in the Webb Theater @ 7:00
  •      Link Crew Leaders invite Crews to the Icebreakers Dance Sept. 15th after the game
  •      PSAT Signups Begin Sept. 27th


Now that the summer is ending, it is a good time to re-focus on your goals and get organized.  Here is some advice from our Link Leaders on the, “What Every Freshman/New Student Should Know” handout given during Orientation:



  •         Grades matter but they aren’t everything
  •         Take care of your mental health & happiness
  •         Balance your work & relax time, take breaks
  •          Get involved, participate in clubs, go to school events (sports games, plays, school dances, etc.)
  •          Step outside your comfort zone & try new things
  •          Be kind to everyone
  •          Participate in class discussions
  •          Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  •          Spend time doing things you love
  •          Surround yourself with good people who care about you
  •          Don’t be scared to wave or talk to upperclassmen
  •          Don’t put anything online that may hurt you in the future
  •         You are not alone, open up to parents, counselors & teachers
  •          Start on your community service hours early
  •          Don’t procrastinate & don’t cram
  •          Do your homework, the points count more than you think
  •          Don’t share your locker combination
  •          Form good relationships with your teachers
  •          Read the English books & do your summer reading early
  •          Don’t give into peer pressure, avoid risky behaviors
  •          Be careful who you vent to
  •          Be true to yourself & voice your opinion
  •          It’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life
  •          Friends drift apart & friend groups will change
  •          Don’t stress about college or every bad grade
  •          Be organized, use an agenda it will make your life easier
  •          Time management is key, don’t overcommit
  •          Ask for help, there is a solution for everything 
  •          Remember that everything is temporary
  •          Stay positive, believe in yourself
  •         Smile & have fun!